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EGP Manifesto

As a signal of their cooperation and unity, and as a basis for pushing forward their common Green agenda on the European level, every five years the EGP’s member parties from within the European Union join forces to draft and adopt a common manifesto. The process involves a Working Group, comprised of delegates from EGP Member Parties from the EU, and an Editorial Group consisting of a smaller number of participants – the Editorial Group prepares drafts for discussion by the Working Group. Both groups meet on a regular basis, and information flows constantly in both directions. Further on in the process, at an advanced drafting phase, the manifesto is presented to the EGP Council. Afterwards, it is voted on and adopted by an EGP Electoral Congress.

Timeline 2014
The process of drafting a Common Manifesto for adoption is under way. A preliminary version of the Manifesto will be presented and discussed at the EGP Council in November 2013; a final version of the Common Manifesto will be adopted by delegates at the EGP Electoral Congress in February 2014.

For the European Elections in 1999 the European Green Party (then still the European Federation of Green Parties) — for the first time — set up a mechanism for the creation of a common Green manifesto, a common Green vision by and for all Green member parties. Together with a Common Campaign (first used in the European Elections in 2004) the Common Manifesto is a cornerstone of the European Green’s effort in uniting and strengthening the efforts of all its EU member parties, to fight for a Greener and more democratic Europe.

The upcoming 2014 Common Manifesto is the 4th Common Manifesto. Below you can find the previously adopted documents.


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