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Adopted resolutions

EGP COUNCIL MEETING, Athens, Greece, November, 2012
  1. What’s next for Europe? More Union for the EU
  2. Don’t use EU Budget for defence research
  3. Possible EU sanctions on Russia for the neglect of human rights (especially the Magnitsky case and Pussy Riots)
  4. Austerity programmes and the example of leasing of undeveloped Greek Islands
  5. Making Europe free from all forms of violence against women and domestic violence
  6. The Balkan Gold Rush in the year 2012: a tragedy in the making
  7. Transport policy in the Alps
  8. Greens in Europe join the Action Day against austerity — November 14th
  9. Standing up for democracy
EGP COUNCIL MEETING, Copenhagen, May 11-13, 2012
  1. Social dimension of the Green New Deal
  2. Green New Deal agricultural dimension
  3. Towards a Green democratic reform of the EU
  4. Reform of the European Investment Bank energy policy
  5. Make ACTA history
  6. NO to shale gas (fracking) in Europe
EGP 4th CONGRESS MEETING, Paris, 11th-13th November 2011
  1. The Reform Of The Common Fisheries Policy – Green Priorities
  2. COP17 Durban – Making Up For Lost Time ( French , German , Italian , Spanish ) 
  3. Rio+20 – An Opportunity And A Challenge ( French , German , Italian , Spanish ) 
  4. Development Of A Coherent Green Political Agenda In View Of The 2014 Elections
  5. Procedure For Possible Review Of Membership Status Of The European Green Party, In View Of The Revised Statutes
  6. Position Paper On Voluntary Interruption Of Pregnancy And Sexual And Reproductive Rights
  7. Against The New Nuclear Power Plants And Radioactive Waste Storage Warehouses In Europe
  8. Developments Following The Arab Spring
  9. On The Support Of The European Green Party Towards EQUO In View Of The Spanish Elections, November 20, 2011
  10. On The Greek Crisis
  11. Condemnation Of Electoral Procedures And Call For Parliamentary Discussion On The Local And Presidential Elections In Bulgaria Of 23.10.2011
EGP 14th COUNCIL MEETING, Budapest, 1st-3rd April 2011
  1. Intervention in Libya
  2. Position on nuclear phase out in Europe
  3. A happier and longer life of the elderly in Europe and elsewhere
  4. Preserving the environment while strengthening the economy and connecting the people with the Danube Strategy
  5. Just EU investment policy now
  6. A pact for sustainable prosperity — The Green alternative for European economic governance, the crisis in the Eurozone
  7. Arab Spring
  8. Freedom of Expression and Journalists under threat in Turkey
EGP 13th COUNCIL MEETING, Tallinn, 8th-10th October 2010
  1. Tackling youth unemployment in Europe
  2. Give sustainable transport a bright future in Greece
  3. European Greens condemn lack of possibility for divorce in Malta
  4. A moratorium on exploration and exploitation in European waters
  5. Reviewing NATO’s stratgegic concept for a world without nuclear weapons and without war
  6. For a fair, ambitious and legally binding deal in Cancul
  7. Freedom of Movement and Roma expulsions
  8. Ensure Net Neutrality in Europe — against an internet of two classes
  9. Curbing speculation and raising revenues through a financial transaction tax
  10. Red Sludge disaster in Hungary
EGP 12th COUNCIL MEETING, Barcelona, 19th-21st March 2010
  1. Setting mandatory minimum targets on Waste for all Member States to improve the Directive. 2008/98/EC.
  2. Make aquaculture sustainable
  3. For the conservation of biodiversity and coastal defense
  4. Colombia – human rights should be prioritised over profits
  5. Human rights violations and lack of democracy in Azerbaijan
  6. Children prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws in Turkey
  7. Human rights violations by the State of Pakistan
  8. Post Copenhagen – Climate Change ( Barcelona accord )
  9. Position on the implementation of the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) and further actions
  10. Towards a social and green EU 2020: From vulnerability to sustainability
  11. Further reflections on the Working Group – Future of the EGP
  12. European Commission Approval of GM Potato
  13. Stop Data-Retention in Europe
  14. Phasing out fur farming in Europe
  15. Nuclear Energy in Ukraine and Belarus
  16. Destruction of Baikal is the environmental crime of the planetary scale
  17. No to the criminalisation of writers in Malta
  18. On the situation in Italy
  19. The necessity of European legislation against cyanide based mining
  20. European Greens support LMP in Hungary’s upcoming National elections 
  21. Moratorium on a construction of a new start coal-fired Plants in Sostanj
  22. Modernization means energy savind, energy efficiencyand renewables NOT nuclear
  23. Overcoming the Greek debt crisis and organising the Future of the European monetary union
EGP 11th COUNCIL MEETING, Malmö, 16th-18th October 2009
  1. For an open Europe with strong fundamental rights
  2. A European Community for Renewable Energy (ERENE)
  3. Fisheries Policy
  4. The 2nd round of negotiations in Cyprus and protection of the island’s natural environment
  5. The Future of the EGP
  6. The killings of human rights defenders in Russia
  7. European Greens and Eastern Partnership
  8. European Greens challenge the decision to build a new NPP in Belarus
  9. On the milk crisis
  10. Visa liberalisation for Western Balkans countries
  11. Dangerous waste traffic: who is behind the “mafia”?
  12. Pandemic of A HN 2009 virus – a responsible approach
  13. An international climate agreement in Copenhagen
  14. Croation Ministry of Environment attempts to shut down NGO Green Action/ Friends of the Earth Croatia
  15. The situation in Bosnia-Herzogovina
  16. The European Union needs a common migration and asylum policy
  17. Mochovce 3 + 4
  18. Tunisia 2009 elections: no democracy or transparency
  19. The Institutional Crisis in Madagascar
  20. Stop Baltic NPP
  21. Stop EBRD support of Moscow-St.Petersburg motorway project (sect.15-58 km)
  22. Stop the pressure on green activist from Krasnodar
  23. Political rights violated in Romania
EGP 10th COUNCIL MEETING, Brussels, 29th March 2009
  1. The obligation to stop violence in Georgia
  2. A way forward for the European Greens
  3. Towards an EGP Supporters’ Network by Groen!
  4. Green Vision on Peace, Disarmament, Conflict prevention and Crisis Management
  5. Stop Barroso!
  6. European Greens support Global Actions ahead of G20 Summit
  7. Global Greens Secretariat

For the full text of the resolutions click here

9th EGP Council Meeting, Montreuil, Paris, 9-12th October 2008
  1. Asylum seekers
  2. Joining hands against dirty oil production


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